Strikingly Different

Thursday May 23

DJ Shawn Ryan

Developing a feverish obsession with record collecting at a young age, DJ and producer Shawn Ryan traveled the world record hunting, and now we all get the pleasure of hearing his extensive collection, ranging through punk, hip-hop, disco, house, synth-pop, and beyond. All Vinyl Set.



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Happy Hour

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$3 Sangria

$3 Jim Beam

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Spare Letters 'A night to write'

Dearest North Bowl friend,

We spend so much time on our phones- let's put them down and pick a pen instead!

We live in a world that focuses on communicating quickly and publicly, and mostly on devices- but something important can easily get lost.

Let's take time to craft a personal letter for someone you care for and love-this could be yourself!

We'll provide the paper and pens, you just have to come with a well-meaning intention and craft your words. Don't let a writer's block stop you from rolling with us, there will be suggested topics so you can lay it all out.

Make an impression with a designed message from our in-house typographer.

To make the night even more special (and in the spirit of other great writers), we'll have drink specials to help your ideas flow!

As always, there will be bowling and games so we can make memories that will last beyond the screen.

Check if you're going:
(_____) yes (______) no

Lots of love,
Your North Bowl Family

Spare letters- a night to write, for yourself, to a friend, or to the world!

Complimentary stationery & pens will be provided
Drink Specials from 5PM to 7PM
Featuring a new typography artist each month