Strikingly Different

Friday Jan 17

Happy Hour

Monday through Friday from 5PM to 7PM

$4.95 games

$3 Neshaminy draft

$3 Jim beam black and peach

$3 sangria

Half-priced warm-ups

Recess: A Group Art Show at North Bowl

This collection of work features Bridget Golden, Cory Pigeon, Marc Williams celebrating the timeless setting of North Bowl Lounge and Lanes. Their body of work displays sensations of nostalgia for the past much like a kid feeling the thrill of setting foot in an arcade.

Recess is an escape from the present, where we forget about any outside distractions. Indulge yourself within the overstimulating thrills of competition, technology colored and virtual realities created in this setting.

The space relays a distortion of conventional perceptions. Experience immortal imagination.